HOLBROOK — Director Steve Hooke is pleased to share that the Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center recently buried a time capsule in the HRECC’s new building to be opened by staff members in 30 years. 

On Friday, June 12, members of the HRECC added various items to the time capsule, which was then sealed behind one of the walls at the site of the new facility.

Some of the items in the capsule include the HRECC’s most recent development grant application, a current departmental budget, an HRECC patch and patches of all partner agencies, business cards, photos of the current center and the construction of the new center, the current HRECC staff roster, challenge coins, modern day pieces of technology and information about the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We hope that whoever opens this capsule on June 12, 2050, is able to take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the memorabilia that was left for them 30 years earlier,” Director Hooke said. “The construction of our new building is an important step for us, and it will be special for HRECC staff to remember where we came from and the progress we have made.”

The brand new, state-of-the-art 6,000-square-foot HRECC facility is set to open in late fall of this year, and will be located next door to the current facility and adjacent to the Holbrook Public Safety Building. 


Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center Buries Time Capsule During Construction of New Facility

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