• Team of professional Certified Emergency Telecommunicators
  • Certified EMD Resource with robust QA/QI program
  • Systems in place for accountability, positive reinforcement, employee engagement and employee retention
  • State of the art technology and infrastructure
  • Extensive network connectivity
  • Technology monitored 24/7 with redundant systems in place
  • 4 COML’s on staff to respond to incidents as requested or required to provide communications support and resource management

Guardian Tracking
Guardian Tracking benefits our organization by creating increased productivity (employees feel valued), employees gain a greater overall sense of connection to the mission; encourages peer to peer recognition; greater employee satisfaction; immediate and direct performance feedback and enhanced teamwork.

  • Support and Improve Employee Performance
  • Protect Organizational Integrity
  • Positive Recognition
  • Consistent Feedback
  • Early Intervention
  • Employee Retention

QA Tracker
This program allows our QA Team to receive alerts when someone is consistently scoring low in certain areas, determines trends, determines areas in need of improvement and areas that are consistently done well. We also have the ability to average the scores by teams/groups.

  • Call Taking for Fire Incidents
  • Call Taking for EMS Incidents
  • Call Taking for Police Incidents
  • Dispatching for Fire Incidents
  • Dispatching for EMS Incidents
  • Dispatching for Police Incidents