Once a new employee successfully passes the interview process and background check, they are brought into the station for an eight hour orientation which reviews the following:

  • Departmental structure/Chain of Command
  • Employee expectations/Rules of Conduct
  • Distribution and explanation of training documents
  • Departmental functions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Programs used
  • Breakdown of the towns

Employee is paired up with one of our five Certified Training Officers (CTO’s) on staff who are tasked with training and monitoring employee progression throughout the duration of their training period.

  • Trainees must complete 92 hours of State Mandated training prior to the end of their training period. This training includes:
  • APCO PST1 Course (40 hours)
  • APCO EMD Training (32 hours)
  • NG911 Equipment Training (16 hours)
  • CPR Certification (4 hours)

A Daily Observation Report (DOR) is completed by the CTO for the trainee prior to the end of each training session. The DOR is completed and graded based on our Standardized Evaluation Guidelines (SEG’s) in order to promote consistency amongst performance ratings. The feedback on this document is reviewed with and acknowledged by the trainee. We have included this document in Guardian Tracking as a way to engage in communication with new members of our team and offer them constructive feedback, support and praise.