HOLBROOK — Director Steve Hooke is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new website for the Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center, giving community members an updated and modern online space to access information, news and other details about the HRECC.

The new website, holbrookrecc.com, provides details on what sets the HRECC apart and the many services it provides, as well as information on the benefits of emergency communication regionalization.

The new site features a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate design with a clean layout and bright photos, and contains:

  • Information on HRECC supervisors and dispatchers.
  • Ways for people to join the staff and information on the HRECC’s employee training program.
  • Details on the HRECC’s  new facility, which is set to open this fall.
  • An HRECC news blog.
  • Embedded Facebook and Twitter feeds. 
  • Information on the Norfolk County Fire Control and a live scanner feed. 
  • Helpful links to partner websites and statewide agencies.

“We are excited to launch our new website, and hope it serves as a tremendous resource for residents and local agencies relating to the HRECC and the values of regionalized emergency communication,” Director Hooke said. “The site will be updated regularly, and we encourage people to check it out and learn more about our Center and the hard work of our dedicated staff of dispatchers.”


Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center Launches New Website

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